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Easy way to build virtual shop

Easy way to build virtual shop

Building a virtual shop using WordPress & WooCommerce is very easy. Here we will see how we can use WordPress to build it. WordPress is an excellent tool to use to create your website. Powerful and versatile, WordPress is great for blogs, portfolios, businesses, e-commerce websites, and much more. It offers the ability to customize your website without needing traditional web development or programming skills. There is a reason that WordPress is used on over 60 million, or more than 36% of all websites on the internet. Use these tips to take advantage of this open-source software and its countless plug-ins to build the website of your dreams. 

  1. Select a Versatile Theme

Selecting a theme that will work with both desktop computers and mobile devices is absolutely crucial in 2021. Between 60% and 70% of all internet comes from mobile devices, so having a website that does not translate well to mobile will be crippling to your growth. It is important to make your site easy to access for users, any extra steps like making the user switch to viewing your page as a desktop page on their mobile device will turn most users away. You can view different themes in a demo mode where you can see an example of the theme before you customize it with your own info. This will save you time since you will already know if your theme will translate well to mobile without building your site and finding out after the fact. A simple process is described here https://jaknawebovky.cz/jak-zalozit-blog/.

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  1. Install an SEO Analyzer Plugin

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is essentially what is going to get your page ranked well on search engines like Google and will help you be closer to the first page of search results. An SEO plugin will analyze your site and give you a report that will show you how your site and keywords ran along with tips and advice for improving your content and keywords so that you can rank higher and not get buried behind pages of results on google.

  1. Prioritize Speed on Your Site

Nobody enjoys using a slow website. In today’s world, instant access is expected by users and slow websites are not likely to convert new users into repeat users. A couple of things that can help your site run a little quicker are limiting how many plugins you have and compressing your images. Plugins are great, they add versatility and features to your site with minimal effort, but you should pay attention to how many you have installed. All the added features are great, but if the plugins are bogging down your site, you should think about if it is really worth it or not. Compressing your images is another way to help load times. For most bloggers, you are not displaying a fine art portfolio or offering highly detailed images for print. Compressing images will reduce the quality very slightly by an amount that likely won’t be noticed by users, but it will help your load times since there is less data that needs to be loaded on each page. 

  1. Install a Google Analytics Plugin

Google analytics plugins will give you information about how your site is being visited by users. This will give you a report card of sorts that will show you the demographics of your site visitors, see which pages or parts of your website are being visited the most, see how long users are staying on your site, where or how they ended up on your site, how they are interacting with the different parts of your website, and more. This is a valuable tool that will let you monitor your site traffic so that you can see what part of your site needs improvement or what part you want to focus on more. There are several plugins that will work, but Google analytics is critical. 


  1. Create an Organized and Helpful Menu

Poor or confusing site navigation is one of the leading reasons that users will leave your page. Users are always going to value the ease of use and making things more complicated or confusing than they need to be will hinder your growth. Think about your site as a user when building it, test it on desktop and mobile, ensure that it is easy to understand and navigate for someone that has less experience with whatever your site is about. You must ensure that you offer a welcoming and helpful user experience right from the start and being able to easily find information is a great first step. 

Always ensure that your site is easy to navigate, works well on desktops and mobile devices, and runs quickly and smoothly. This is going to give your users a great user experience and hopefully convert them into repeat users, readers, and customers. Utilizing Google analytics and SEO will help you keep your site higher on the list when users search for a subject relevant to your keywords. You can find more information on https://jaknawebovky.cz. Use these tips and adjust them to meet your needs and style and hopefully watch your growth and traffic grow steadily.

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