Support the Locals!
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Support the Locals!

Support the Locals!

Support the Locals!

I wholeheartedly believe in the concept of community and supporting those directly around you. As a small business owner, the ability to network with locals is the cornerstone of my duties. By working with other business owners in the area, I have helped my community expand, which has, in turn, generated income for my own endeavors. One of my true passions is bringing local artisans to the attention of those that live in the area as well as tourists. Local artists represent our community and make an impact that cannot be underestimated. Artists are people that work for a living too, and we should support them as our neighbors as they add value to our community.


Whenever I have discussions with people about this subject, I explain why supporting local artists is a worthy cause. The following are just some of the reasons why you should support the local artists in your community.


Work that Personifies a Region

girl painting

Local artists get inspiration from people they see every day, as they take in the culture surrounding them. When tourists come to a local gallery, they may discover locales have been transformed and reimagined by artists in the area.


Bringing Communities Together


Artists have a way of bringing people together and we all can benefit from being exposed to new art and the opportunity to experience the work of local artisans in the community.


Art and Commerce


With so many products mass produced, we sometimes forget that handmade craftsmanship still exists. When you support a local artist, you are able to get the creative process of the artist, as well as get the history of the production. This also allows the artist to fully appreciate the impact of their work upon the public.


True Prosperity


The arts inspire us and are fundamental to our lives and humanity. Through art, we are able to connect one another between cultures, express values, and bring together people from all religions, ethnicities, and ages. The arts have always been the glue that keeps communities together.


Stronger Communities


People that support the arts tend to be more engaged with the community, which has been proven through research to positively affect child welfare, social cohesion, and poverty rates. Through the arts, communities are able to ensure no young people are left behind.


Well-being and Health


Nearly half of all the country’s healthcare institutions offer arts programs for families, patients, and staff members. These programs offer healing benefits to the patients which leads to improved pain management, shorter hospital visits, and even less medication.


Better Academic Performance


Studies indicate those students involved in artistic programs achieve higher scores on standardized tests and better GPAs, and are more likely to participate in community service. The benefits students gain occur regardless of their socio-economic status. What is learned in the arts propels students to perform better in science and math subjects as well. Students that have taken four years of the arts or more receive SAT scores 100 points higher than those with only half a year or less of arts programs. They also score better in the reading, math, and writing portions of the test.


Creative Industries


The arts are incorporated into several industries, ranging from non-profit organizations, theaters, symphonies, films, architecture, marketing companies, and much more.


The impact on Tourism

art exhibit

For those that love to travel the world and experience local art, having noted local artisans featured in galleries impacts the tourism industry. Studies indicate that travellers that follow arts and culture are likely to spend more days on vacation.


Arts Benefit Local Merchants


Of course, local revenue is important for all businesses, but it is in tourist spending that communities really benefit. Those that visit the city are likely to spend more than twice the amount that locals do, which at the end of the day generates income for the entire community.


Recognizing the Arts as an Industry.


It’s no secret that the arts can be a boon to all business and provide one of the cornerstones to economic development in most cities. In some communities, millions can be generated that go back into the local economy. Investing in the arts enhances economies that are creative-based.

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